Sunday, February 22, 2015

Day Eight: Whitehorse to Dawson City

Whitehorse to Dawson City

Promising to be a spectacular event and a spectacle of motorcycles I was glad to have a reservation for the night hear, it was to be an interesting staying above the Coffee shop down town after all this time out in the wilderness, and with a party raging in to the night I’m suspect sleep may not have been an easy thing to achieve.
Though our original plan was to arrive during this event our plans took an early change and the Ferry from Vancouver island to Prince Rupert did not sail on the day we intended, this would put a three day hold in our plan, we all felt the trip to Vancouver island and the Ferry ride was not to be missed, and seeing so many people, well we could miss that!> this new plan also gave us the extra time on the island we all wanted and took the rush out of the first few day we did not

on my last trip to Dawson in 2013 the fatigue of the ride was starting to set in for me at this point, I was taking on too much distance and much to much time on the bike.
Near the last leg of the trip I end up talking to this girl, a wild-free-spirit traveling gypsy Chick that is just existing on the kindness and generosity of others. I'm thinking holly hell, out hear there is like 50 people in the nearest 1000 miles it must take an eternity to get anywhere Just waiting on a Ride. she did ask for a ride, but I was at capacity, and she could not fit on my bike with all her stuff  walking staff and Dog, hell she was larger than me anyway.

I figured she would have to walk the distance to Dawson City, and was considering how long that was going to take her (needless to say I left with hopes that someday soon she would get a ride)
well........... she made it to Dawson Before me……..what the heck! Not only that she had three friends and they were all set up singing in the park when I arrived! Yikes, did I take a wrong turn, was there a time warp, how did that happen… well maybe traveling on the generosity of others is the fast way to cross the county?

During our travels today you can really tell we are making our way north, trees are smaller and the terrain looks like the weather really takes its toll on things this far north. Tomorrow I hope to make it to the arctic circle,  and that will mark the farthest north I have ever been, at least on the ground! Exciting!

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